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Products List
Complete Foundry Plat Design Solutions
Sand Preparation Equipments
CO2 Silicate Sand Preparation
Super Mixer 
Continuous Mixer
No-Bake Sand Preparation
Super Mixer 
Continuous Mixer
Sand Reclamation Systems
Co2 Sand Mechanical Attrition
No-Back Sand Mechanical Attrition
Sand Cooler- Classifier
Thermal Reclamation System
Secondary Reclamation System
Sand Plant Equipments
Carousal & Fast Loop Moulding System
Compaction Table
Rollover Draw M/C
Knock Out M/C
Sand Handling Equipments
Belt Conveyor  
Bucket Elevator
Pneumatic Conveyor
Mold Handling Equipments
Roller Conveyor System
Palate car System
C02 Gas Manifold System
Automated moulding rollover draw machine
Green Sand Equipments
Intensive Sand Mixer
Sand Muller
Moulding Machine
Knockout M/C
FD Bed Cooler Classifier
Sand Drier
Polygonal Sheave
Other Equipments
Dust Collector
Vibrating Feeder
Foundry Ladle
Ladle Pre Heater
Skip Charger
Sand Plant Equipments

This machine inverts a cured mold and draws it from the pattern. Cured molds can be handled safely, quickly, and without damage. The inline design makes installation easy and saves floor space. Reliable, Pressure compensated hydraulics and a positive non-cantilevered structure insures smooth, low maintenance operation. A programmed high frequency and low frequency vibrations sequence gently frees the mold as it is drawn from the pattern after completion of the rollover action.

The Bottom Board with mold aboard is rolled out of machine and machine then returns to original position where empty pattern is removed for reuse in case of Cake molding. In case of Box molding Box also rolled out of machine and machine will return empty.
  • Mold handling is safe.
  • Saving of man power
  • Quicker Mold Handling.
  • Inline Design consumes less space.
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