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Green Sand Equipments

JKFE heavy duty sand Muller are with modern requirements of sand preparation with increased rotary speed and adjustable pressure which creates best condition for all types of sand.

JKFE  mullers are of sturdy construction and easy to maintain. The adaptation of a successful procedure to modern requirement of sand preparation at increased rotary speed and adjustable pressure. The possibility of adjustment of the muller pressure creates one of the best conditions for all type of sand. Muller pan is protected with wear resisting replaceable bottom plates and the side wall within the zone of the scrappers.


The scrappers are brazed with tungsten carbide tips. Crib fabricated from MS plates, are reinforced at the top & bottom to prevent any disturbance while machine is working.The crib is bolted to the pan base and is of detachable type for maintenance purpose. Special housing assembly ensures no leakage of sand and water from the pan


JKMM 75 75 Kgs 5 HP
JKMM 150 150 Kgs 7.5 HP
JKMM250 250 Kgs 10 HP
JKMM 300 300 Kgs 12.5 HP
JKMM 400 400 Kgs<> 15 HP
JKMM 500 500 Kgs 20 HP
JKMM 750 750 Kgs 25 HP
JKMM1000 1000 Kgs 30 HP
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