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Sand Reclamation System
Thermal Reclamation System
Thermal sand reclamation systems by JKFE is efficient, compact, gas fired thermal sand reclamation System. Available in different capacity up to 20 ton per day.

Advantages of thermal sand reclamation

  • Stronger molds and cores with as new sand. After switching to Thermal reclamation, one foundry cut new sand cost to 70 percent.
  • Better surface finish and less porosity. Reducing chemical additives reduces the gas that is generated.
  • More dimensionally accurate castings. Thermal reclamation creates expanded silica sand grains which do not go through the same expansion as new sand during every pour. In steel foundries this can limit or eliminate the need for iron oxides, zircon and chromite sands.
  • Far less odor and smoke in the foundry during pouring because less chemical binder is needed.
  • Less grinding and welding of castings is required. With fewer chemical additives and a superior quality of sand grain, casting defects such as finning and burn in are reduced
  • For additional reformation of reclaimed sand
  • This unit remove maximum portion of binder with out damaging sand grain.
  • Economical design
  • Number of pass can be determined to get desired quality
  • Capacity rage 1 TPH to 10 TPH
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