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JKFC mould compaction table for mechanical ramming of chemical bonded as well as silicate bonded sand mould through vibration technology. By vibrating the pattern and box as it is filled with mix sand, the sand flows freely into all recesses and cavities with little or no manual ramming and makes a stronger compacted mould. This results in better casting finish and fewer defects. The table utilizes a set of roller on top which allow easy movement of the pattern box onto and off of the table. During vibration the table with pattern box lift up and isolated roller top by air rubber below. Vibration intensity and duration are controllable depending upon control options specified. Standard models as below:
  • Provides fast compaction of sand mould.
  • Variable speed controller (A. C. inventor) to provide flexibility
    for vibrations in mould weighs and sizes.
  • For smooth vibration through using air rubber below (air
    spring) as suspension as well as vibrating table lift up and
    isolate from roller top.
  • Several special sizes available as tailor made.
Technical Specification
Model Size (mm.) Vibrating Motor Power Rubber below size
Length Width
Size Quantity
800 600
2 x 650 watt
4.5" ø x 2 C 4
1200 800
2 x 1000 watt
6" ø x 2 C 4
1500 1000
2 x 1400 watt
6" ø x 2 C 4
2000 1500
2 x 2200 watt
8" ø x 2 C 5
2500 2000
2 x 4000 watt
10" ø x 2 C 4
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